Providing relevant customer service is more important than ever. Covid regulations and the swift changes in shopping behaviour have placed retail businesses under pressure.

The dramatic shift in customer buying habits due to Covid means retail is adapting. Yet how can retail stores be certain they are delivering a service that resonates with customers during these challenging times?

Delivering quality customer service in uncertain times

How safe customers feel in-store has a direct impact on their confidence in your retail brand. In addition, many customers are considering more carefully a brand’s ethics and morals.

Many retailers have responded with green retail strategies and an acceleration in digital solutions.  Scan as you go, self check-out and mobile point of sale technology are gaining ground due to many customers seeking to spend less time in store. And of course, 2020 has seen a dramatic increase in online shopping.

Retail has a wealth of information from footfall to POS data to determine demand. Yet this is data. Understanding shoppers needs, their thoughts and feelings, is also key to smoothing the customer shopping experience and gaining sales from reluctant shoppers.

It is generally agreed that to improve customer experience it is important to be holistic, taking a journey-based approach to improve CX. Therefore, each step of the customer journey should be measured, not just in sporadic customer satisfaction surveys.

Staying relevant to your customers

Creating and maintaining relevance with your customer base could be the difference between staying in business or gaining ground against your competitors. Relevance though is not founded in big data. Relevance is founded on a true emotional understanding of your customer. How your customer feels and what they think as they shop.

Our solutions can provide you in the moment responses to why customers are buying and importantly why they are not. Critically this information can be captured not after the event but as it happens. Providing real-time, actionable insights that can inform your customer satisfaction programme.

In the moment customer surveys can help you understand why certain promotions are resonating with customers best and also what might be hindering sales. Providing customers the chance to provide feedback as they shop, regardless of whether they buy, provides additional valuable information.

By capturing information in-store you can gain information that you may be missing. Such as an in-store Transactional NPS (tNPS). It is an opportunity to align in-store measurement with your online sales measurement.  At your click and collect locations you could provide store personnel with the opportunity to capture customer insights, whilst upselling customers during purchase pickups? Or simply support front-line customer service staff to digitally capture feedback and relay it in real-time to head office.

Our solutions make in-store NPS, CSAT and customer effort scores easy. You can track in-store metrics in the same way you track online metrics. By capturing feedback that is like for like you can eliminate data silos, which may be hindering you gaining the broader picture of your customer experience success.

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