In uncertain times how do you gain sales?

You need more than data…
You need knowledge.

Gathering business intelligence and understanding customer information is more important than ever. 2020 has shown us nothing is certain. The pandemic has had a serious effect – events are ‘on hold’ and face to face sales meetings are few and far between.

In these challenging times we want to help…

Insights into your market, customers and competitors

The pandemic has hit hard. With this in mind we are providing a special offer to our cost-effective iQme solution. This is because we strongly believe real-time meaningful information is critical for all business and should be available to all. No commitment is needed, simply redeem at any point until December 2021. Simple as that.

In these challenging times many businesses are having to pivot their strategy. Harnessing company data is critical, so you can base sales, marketing and business strategies on fact. Data though is not the same as insights. Data needs to be cleansed, evaluated and analysed. Only then will it provide insights into the market, your customers and competitors.

Chris Money, Director at Simply Intelligent explains further, ‘Our team are practised at offering solutions for collecting data but in essence we feel data is not what people need, what they need is real-time actionable information. That is why we strive to deliver intelligence, simply… hence the name, Simply Intelligent. We are passionate about helping customers obtain high quality business information at showrooms, events, lounges, visitor centres… anywhere really. And we see it as a partnership. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll strive to deliver, all within a realistic budget.’

Real-time information to inform strategy

Real-time meaningful information helps you keep your finger on the pulse. In these times of change, managers need to be quick thinking and agile with their strategy.

Think about what information you need to know – what questions you should be asking. In these strange new times, how people feel and what influences their purchasing decisions will be different. You need to provide what your target market wants, right? Importantly you need to provide what the customer wants at the time that they want it. This is where real-time information comes into its own. Capturing customer feedback is only useful if the information is also available instantly, as strategy needs to be based on fact, facts that are timely.

Driving sales

With events on hold, think about how you can still interact with your customers to generate leads and drive sales. Perhaps taking the campaigns you may have been running at events and pivoting them to capture information at showrooms, receptions, lounges, retail outlets, anywhere where your customers may be… engaging with customers in-the-moment to:

  • Gain newsletter sign ups
  • Offer discount codes
  • Promote prize draw competitions
  • Gain feedback

Or you may have another idea? We love figuring out new ways our solutions can help.

Simply offering 4 days of iQme for the price of 3.*

* Redeem your special offer any time until 31st December 2021. There is no obligation to purchase. We will not sell your information, trade it with any other party, or use it for any other purpose other than to communicate to you regarding your special offer. See our Privacy Policy

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    With iQme you can quickly and cost-effectively gain insights.

    Simply capture, measure and report on all in-the-moment customer, sales and market activity.

    Our powerful platform applies intelligence to your collected data, with automated reports that provide clear insights in real-time. Providing you actionable Information to stay agile and stay ahead.