This year the exhibition and live events sector has seen a crisis like no other.

Due to Covid-19 live in-person events have been on hold for many months. Yet this crisis has accelerated the use of event technologies, with the industry adapting quickly to embrace virtual and hybrid events.

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The acceleration of event technology due to Covid-19

Even prior to lockdown the need to demonstrate event ROI was ever important. With savvy sales and marketing managers turning to technology to engage with visitors and enrol them into broader digital marketing activities, extending the reach of the event beyond the date itself and beyond the four walls of the venue.

These challenging times have seen events being delivered virtually. More recently, with the easing of restrictions, hybrid events have been hosted, with socially distanced live audiences hosted in tandem with virtual attendees. Yet live exhibitions and events have face to face interactions at their heart. So, when we are given the go-ahead for live meetings, what are the lessons we will take forward? And what event tech will we continue to incorporate?

Event technologies to keep event visitors safe

In this strange new world, where social distancing and covid-19 safety measures need to be taken into consideration, technologies can certainly help deliver safer event environments. Thermal camera body temperature checks and disinfection or sanitation tunnels can be offered to visitors on arrival. Remote queuing with SMS notifications can be used. Beacon technology can be used to reinforce social distancing and spatial computing projection mapping can assist with directing visitors. This technology uses real-time responsive signage, so crowding and congestion is avoided.

Delivering contactless solutions, with QR codes, facial recognition and RFID technology are becoming commonplace and can be used at events for ticketing, check-in and lead capture.

Event technologies to enhance the delivery of your event

The beauty of event tech is that it can be used to enhance the visitor experience and help drive engagement. Importantly digital event technology provides organisers a way to measure, monitor and report on event ROI.

In 2020 we have seen a rise in live streamed virtual events. Film, green screen and 3D are being used to enhance presentations, to what otherwise can be a static experience. Chat, voting polls and feedback on a more elemental level can also keep home audiences engaged.

With easing of restrictions we have seen the delivery of hybrid events, with smaller live audiences attending alongside larger virtual audiences. This is providing that face to face, human element that many of us miss. And many see this as something that will remain going forward.

Event technologies to engage audiences

Human interaction, building relationships is what events are all about. And going forward, whether we meet in person or virtually, this needs to be at the core of any meeting. So, when we do meet again, we may find our events retain greater use of technology. With elements such as text-to-win programs and competitions, real-time information sharing, voting and polls.

For those on a strict budget much of this can still be achieved. The solutions provided by Simply Intelligent can be used for competitions, lead capture, event registration…and many other in the moment data capture requirements. With real-time information provided via our secure cloud-based platform.

What does your future event look like? What are you looking to achieve?

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